As our celebrated national grape, Pinotage has made a name for itself since Pinot Noir and Cinsault was first crossed in 1925 in the gardens of local scientist Abraham Perold.

Since then, Pinotage’s reputation has fluctuated from international disdain to acclaim. In recent years, our drought conditions in the Winelands have actually catapulted Pinotage into the limelight.

As a grape, Pinotage is high in tannins and mightily bold and stands best next to a real ‘feast’ dish – think fatty, red meat.

That’s why we’ve paired our Douglas Green Pinotage with a delicious recipe of Prime Rib with Fresh Thyme and Horseradish Crust. The tang of the horseradish is tempered by the mustard and thyme, which beautifully complements the sweeter, spicy side of the Pinotage.

A must have if it’s raining outside – trust us!

Recipe Credit: Food Lovers Market