A family affair

Find out the latest news and views from our winery in the Cape as well as our latest Competition results and international press. Douglas Green Wines are always on the move.

Welcome to the Home of Douglas Green Wines

DG Vineyards

For over 70 years, we have sourced and selected grapes to best express our South African wineland origins.

Our Wines

Douglas Green was a leader with the courage to break from conventional ways of making wine.

Ever since the first bottle of Douglas Green wine was produced in 1942 the personal touch and inimitable intuition of our talented winemakers have served to keep our vintages at the forefront of the extremely competitive South African wine market. Today our progressive collection is enjoyed throughout our beautiful country and exported to more than 50 countries around the globe, where it serves as a showcase of our singular terroir and the rare talents of the men and women who toil behind the scenes.

Diversity Blends

Variety and value meet in Douglas Green’s vibrant diversity range. Douglas Green knew that making great wine is a combination of good quality fruit, hands-on skill and the instincts of the winemaker

Monthly Wine Talk with Michael Olivier

Meet the Douglas Green Family – Winemaker Jaco Potgieter

ike the pioneer after which this iconic winery was named, Jaco believes that relationships are an integral part of the industry, and he has built many lasting ones with producers and other stakeholders in his search for the grapes that have given Douglas Green its reputation of consistent excellence among South African consumers.

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Pinotage and Prime Rib – A Match Made In Culinary Heaven

As our celebrated national grape, Pinotage has made a name for itself since Pinot Noir and Cinsault was first crossed in 1925 in the gardens of local scientist Abraham Perold. Since then, Pinotage’s reputation has fluctuated from international disdain to acclaim. In... read more

Traditional & Truly Lekker Christmas Dishes

When it comes to Christmas Day celebrations, there are fewer sweeter words to hear than: “Lunch time!”. While every family has their own unique traditions and recipes, this year we’re sharing one of our favourite South African recipes paired with a (virtually) South... read more

The Douglas Green Philosophy

Science + Alchemy = Practical Magic
We believe that winemaking is part science, part alchemy. True, there are certain steps you follow in the preparation of any given wine, but once you pour the finished product into a glass there are always aspects for which you can’t fully account. It is our belief that in the process of coaxing the flavours from the grapes we provide a window for some magic to enter the world.

Tradition bolstered by innovation
In order to create the unique lifestyle wines that fulfil the requirements of our discerning local and international markets, the Douglas Green winemaking team remains true to tried-and-tested tradition, but also draws on modern techniques and innovative processes in a bid for sustainable growth.

Paint the big picture by taking care of the details
Our overarching aim is always to create the distinctly fresh, fruit-driven, deliciously drinkable wines that Douglas Green is renowned for the world over. In order to do so we draw from the vineyards of hand-selected vignerons and entrust the grapes to a dedicated, well-synchronized oenology team who manage and control the process from the vineyard to the bottle. Each varietal is treated individually to arrive at our envisioned style and gently cajoled to flower into a perfect example of its unique varietal characters.


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